The STEP Forward initiative reflects the commitment of the Faculty of Arts & Science both to helping our students succeed in their undergraduate studies and to ensuring they are well prepared for life after university. The central aim of STEP Forward is to develop our students’ capacity to connect their academic learning to their personal values, aspirations, and practical planning, through active reflection on their developing knowledge and skills.
STEP Forward is an overarching framework that includes a wide range of activities in pursuit of this goal. These activities are an important and integrated aspect of an Arts & Science education, providing a progression of academic and professional skill development as students enter, transition through, and exit the Faculty. The full rollout of STEP Forward will ensure that Arts & Science students have the opportunity throughout their degree to engage in reflective activities that help them identify goals and develop a plan to realize them. Students who engage in STEP Forward will gain a clear sense of the connections between their Arts & Science education and potential future pathways, enabling them to contribute meaningfully and productively in their communities and the working world.