What are the STEP Forward “STEPs”?


STEP Forward activities are staged to progressively support students as they move through their undergraduate degree. Initiatives and resources support students as they navigate key transitions and decisions associated with each stage of their degree studies. At each stage, students will connect their academic learning to their personal and professional goals and development, and will exercise reflective and planning skills that allow them to become more involved, independent and proactive as they take control of their own development.


Overview – STEP Forward

STEP into Arts & Science: Prepares students for their time in university by introducing the skills needed to connect their academic learning to their personal values and goals, reflect on their learning and their choices, and project their aspirations into plans for the future.
STEP into Programs of Study: guides students through the process of program selection in a way that integrates academic, personal and professional values, skills and goals. Introduces students to academic communities and skills associated with their program of study.


STEP into Action: enables students to envision potential academic, professional and personal pathways, and identify those opportunities, resources and people that will support their development. Offers opportunities for enhanced community and workplace learning opportunities, mentorship connections, and skill development.


STEP into the Future: supports a successful transition from undergraduate education to further education or a career by helping students synthesize and articulate their values and strengths, build new skills, and connect their goals with opportunities.


How can students participate in STEP Forward activities?


Undergraduate students can participate in as many or as few STEP activities as they wish. They can:


    • Participate in a STEP Milestone activity offered by the Faculty or Colleges. Milestone activities are available to all students in Arts & Science and provide an important opportunity to check in on their progress through the STEP framework.


    • Participate in a STEP activity designed by and for a specific program of study. These activities may be open to a more limited group of eligible students within a program of study or the students enrolled in a specific course..


    • Participate in an online, self-directed STEP activity on the STEP Forward website.


Important Note: Many STEP activities can be added to the University’s Co-Curricular Record.


What is Connect-Reflect-Project?


STEP initiatives take a variety of formats, from workshops led by student peers to activities integrated into courses. No matter the format, all STEP activities should integrate a reflective component that invites students to engage intentionally in:


Connecting their knowledge and understanding across academic, personal, and professional spheres.


Reflecting on experience to identify and integrate their learning within and between each sphere.


Projecting goals onto short-and long-term plans to take further steps in exploring opportunities and pathways.


In order to help students monitor their progress in developing the understanding and skills associated with the STEP Forward framework, each activity will explain to students why and how they are being asked to Connect, Reflect, and Project.


By integrating these three actions, each STEP Forward activity will contribute to the learning outcomes of the framework as a whole: students will develop greater insight into their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and skills; understand how their university education has prepared them for constructive involvement in society; and improve their ability to plan and make decisions for the short and long-term.