Explore It

Offered by : Alumni Relations and Career Centre

2015 - 16 dates: Fall and Winter terms

This voluntary career exploration program is embedded into a variety of second-year courses across the Faculty of Arts & Science. Meet an alumnus from your program of study in their work environment and see first hand how the skills and knowledge gained through this area of study are translated into potential careers. Visits with alumni hosts will last from a half to a full-day. Each experience will differ depending on the alumni host, but in all cases, you will see an alumni’s career in action. Grow your network and have the opportunity to consider your education in a wider context. Before and after your shadowing experience, you will participate in peer-to-peer discussions and reflective activities.


The following courses will be participating in Explore It in 2015-16:


Department Course Term
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ENV234H Fall
Germanic Languages and Literature GER205 Winter
Human Biology HMB203 Fall
Physics PHY224 Fall
Political Science POL224POL214 Winter
Psychology PSY260 Winter


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Connect with alumni and build your professional network.
  • Experience and reflect on the ways in which the academic skills and knowledge developed in your program of study are applied in the workplace.
  • Explore and discuss potential career paths and potential next steps in building relevant academic and professional experiences.


All students in the participating courses are eligible to participate in this voluntary program.


How to Participate

For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact Mary Giamos, Lead Coordinator, Career Exploration, at