Adapt an Activity Template


STEP Forward activity templates allow you to adapt existing activities. Please note that in most cases, the activity templates below can be offered outside of courses or embedded in courses.


1. Backpack to Briefcase (b2B)

Students meet and network with successful alumni from their program of study to discuss how their education has brought them to where they are today and how the skills, knowledge and values developed during university have served them after graduation. Students develop a professional identity, consider options beyond their current degree, learn about potential career paths and grow their network.


b2B events can include workshops focused on developing and enhancing students’ networking skills, career panel discussions, networking events, and meals with alumni. These events are organized by the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Advancement Office for units across the Faculty throughout the academic year.  There are currently 42 units participating in the b2B program.


Please note that the Advancement Office will provide logistical support in running the program and contacting alumni.


Click on this link to learn more.

2. Explore It

Explore It is a career exploration program that is embedded into a variety of second-year courses across the Faculty of Arts & Science. Students meet alumni from their program of study in a work environment and see first hand how the skills and knowledge gained through the course’s area of study are translated into potential careers. Visits with alumni hosts last from a half to a full-day. Each experience differs depending on the alumni host, but in all cases, students see an alumni’s career in action. Before and after the shadowing experience, students participate in peer-to-peer discussions and reflective activities.


The Career Centre and Advancement Office will coordinate the program and contact alumni.


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3. Alumni Mentoring

Students connect with alumni to explore career options and how program skills and knowledge might be put to use after graduation.  Alumni mentoring activities are ongoing in Computer Science and Physics.


In addition to providing funding, the STEP team can help you design a customized mentoring program, and the Office of Advancement can identify and contact alumni on your behalf.

4. Welcome to the Program Reorientations

Welcome to the Program Reorientation events introduce second-year students to their program of study and to their new classmates, address some of the big questions of the field, help students select courses, and identify relevant co-curricular opportunities. Reorientations can include a social event and workshops on writing, research and other academic skills targeted to students coming into your program.


In addition to providing funding, the STEP team can provide event planning support. Explore details of this year’s Welcome to the Program Reorientations.




5. Transferable & Disciplinary Skills Workshops

Transferable and disciplinary skills workshops help students identify the critical thinking, transferable, and disciplinary skills they are developing during their undergraduate studies. Students explore the application of their academic skills in a variety of post-graduate settings and learn strategies for communicating their skills.


In addition to providing funding, the STEP team can help you plan and/or identify facilitator(s) for this workshop.  See the School of the Environment workshop on Marketing your Critical Thinking Skills to Employers for an example.