Why STEP Forward?


STEP Forward


As undergraduate educators, we have a responsibility to ensure that our students are well prepared for life after university – whether their focus is on embarking on a career or starting a business, pursuing further graduate or professional schooling, or engaging in community service, travel, or other personal-growth activities. Rather than limiting our approach to this challenge to traditional professional development, the Faculty of Arts & Science is engaging with the issue through a wider lens.


The STEP Forward framework is a major new initiative that imbues new and existing activities across Arts & Science with an added level of forward-looking reflection and integration of academic, personal, and professional development for our students.


The central aim of STEP Forward is to develop our students’ capacity to connect their academic learning to their personal values, aspirations, and practical planning, through active reflection on what they have learned. Bringing together activities that develop these skills under a unifying framework enables Arts & Science to showcase our many concerted efforts to prepare our students to be productive contributors to society. Moreover, this coordinated framework highlights for students that these activities are an important and integrated aspect of their Arts & Science education, providing a progression of skill development as they enter, transition through, and exit the Faculty.