Independent Research Courses

Offered by : Health Studies (University College)

UNI350Y and UNI400Y/UNI450Y offer a sequenced, structured approach to independent research in Health Studies. UNI350Y explores the connection between academic content in Health Studies and potential areas of research and practice through presentations by researchers and practitioners as well as structured exercises that build student skills in developing and executing a research project or practicum experience. UNI400Y/UNI450Y connect students with a supervisor to conduct an extended, in-depth independent research project or practicum experience that builds connections between students’ academic work and practice in fields related to Health Studies.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Apply your academic skills in a professional and/or research context.
  • Build research and/or professional experience in an environment related to Health Studies.
  • Explore potential professional pathways and build professional connections.
  • Strengthen your research and/or professional experience through structured opportunities to connect your academic work with these applied opportunities.


Enrolment is limited to students in the Health Studies major or specialist programs, who have completed UNI209H1/UNI211H1, UNI250H, and STA220H or equivalent.


How to Participate

For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact Sarah Wakefield, Director, Health Studies Program, at