Research and Mentorship Colloquium

Offered by : Victoria College

This 400-series course provides instruction, support, and practical experience through the various stages of your research project, from proposal to work-in-progress feedback to the presentation of results. As you are approaching graduation, this course will provide you with the skills and opportunity to reflect on your academic studies in an interdisciplinary context and to learn to communicate your research and academic experience beyond university.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Learn and practice transferable skills relevant to a range of contexts including teaching, managing teams, and collaboration.
  • Reflect on and communicate skills important to success at university.
  • Discuss your experiences in a context that brings together students from different disciplines; work on diverse projects, and learn to communicate effectively to a diverse audience.
  • Explore potential academic pathways and plan for future academic opportunities.


Open to all Arts & Science students who are enrolled in Independent Studies, Individual Studies or Senior Essay courses in any Humanities or Social Science program (College-based or Department-based). Requires application and permission of the instructor; see:


How to Participate

For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact