Zine Lab

Offered by : St. Michael’s College

The Zine Lab is a teaching and self-directed learning space that provides you with an opportunity to develop practical skills in self-publishing, while connecting the experience with two courses related to social justice and media studies (SMC300: Libraries, Collections and Archives, and SMCOne: Cornerstone). Through the Lab, you work independently and have access to a community of practice in order to develop your communications, reflective thinking and critical thinking skills. You will also apply your course content through hands-on experiences.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Build a community of practice with peers and St. Michael’s staff and faculty.
  • Connect with learning resources available through the Faculty or Arts & Science libraries.
  • Develop transferable skills relevant to a range of contexts, including creative thinking, communications, and collaboration.
  • Explore personal and professional opportunities and pathways through the development of practical skills in design, publishing and distribution.


To be eligible for the Zine Lab, students must:

  • Be a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year student.
  • Be in the Book and Media Studies or Cornerstone program.
  • Be able to commit and attend a workshop the first or second week of each month from October 2014 to March 2015.


How to Participate

For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact Silvia Vong, Collaborative Learning Librarie, John M. Kelly Library,