Undergraduate Research Website

Offered by : Computer Science

Connect with top researchers in Computer Science, fellow undergraduate researchers, and external stakeholders. Create rich and dynamic profiles to present your research effectively to peers, graduate students and faculty members within your area of study. Create professional videos to showcase your research projects. These videos are intended to encourage you and your peers to reflect on the role of research and computer science in today’s society, and to expand your thinking about future academic opportunities. The website will facilitate research connections between students and faculty, while providing students with opportunities to develop a range of important communication skills.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Connect your research with academic and non-academic communities.
  • Reflect on the role that your research can play in a broader society.
  • Explore potential academic and professional pathways and build professional connections.


All undergraduate students in Computer Science.


How to Participate

For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact François Pitt, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, at