Enhancing Work Study Experiences

Offered by : Woodsworth College & The Career Centre

As part of a cohort of Woodsworth College work-study students, you will participate in learning modules to help you identify transferable skills acquired from your academic courses and workplace experiences and how to apply these skills to your future career. You will also learn how to expand your professional network and develop your career identity. The final outcome will be the completion of an individualized career development plan to help you realize your short and long-term personal and professional goals.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Learn and practice transferable skills obtained from academic and workplace experiences.
  • Identify how experiential learning has equipped you with new skills and perspectives.
  • Identify, reflect on and communicate skills important to success at university and beyond.
  • Explore personal and professional opportunities and pathways.


Students in a Work Study position at Woodsworth College


How to Participate

 For more information about this activity or to indicate your interest, contact Office of the Dean, Woodsworth College,