Workshops on Real – World Writing Genres

Offered by : University College

The University College (UC) Workshops on Real-World Writing Genres provide you with exposure to a range of writing practices that are not normally covered in academic writing assignments but will be important as you transition out of the university and into the workplace. The workshops, offered by the UC Writing Centre, will be led by U of T Faculty and by professionals from outside U of T. Drawing on their expertise, workshop leaders will help you to clarify your thinking about future career paths and to foster greater facility in moving beyond the standard undergraduate paper. By gaining greater self-consciousness about writing conventions in general, you will develop into stronger and more adaptable writers.


Connect / Reflect / Project

  • Learn and practice transferable skills relevant to a range of contexts.
  • Connect with people working in your intended field and gain concrete exposure to what people in the field do in their professional lives.
  • Explore personal and professional opportunities and pathways through the development of practical skills in writing, communication and critical thinking.
  • Reflect on the advantages (and disadvantages) of genres of writing you may never have had a chance to explore.


Open to all 3rd and 4th year undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts & Science. UC students will have an opportunity to sign up first.


How to Participate

Details about how to sign up for either of these workshops will appear on this webpage at the beginning of Spring. Please check back. If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Plotnick, UC Writing Centre Director,